Thursday, 5 November 2009

For The Yout-dem: Bigga Bonfire Bash

Posted by Tahirah

It's Bonfire Night in the UK tonight and I'm listening to the fireworks from indoors - I'm not particularly involved in the festivities (I told my little sister the story of the last bonfire night I attended when I was a teenager which resulted in me and my girls running miles after getting terrorized by a multiple groups of excited boys with fireworks and lighters...)

Going along with the theme of enjoying fireworks from the safety of inside, I thought I should tell you all about Bigga Bonfire Bash, happening this Saturday 7th November and hosted by Bigga Fish and BANG Radio presenters (including Resident Blocker BlazeOhMyDayz)

*puts on my radio promo voice* it's £20 on the door and it features some of the UK's best 'urban' talent. It's in Camden, North West London, UK and it's for under 18s (a.k.a The Yout-Dem).

More info HERE

I'll be down there looking after press so if you see me...halla