Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The 50th Law


A few months back I managed to slyly get my hands on a pre-release copy of The 50th Law. This much anticipated book sees author Robert Greene, writer of "The 48 Laws of Power" collaborating with 50 Cent to produce an intriguing and mentally stimulating piece of work entitlied "The 50th Law"

As well as analysing 50's ascent to stardom, the book explores the social mechanics behind the resilience and inventiveness of some of history's most outstanding figures such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Malcom X and Frederick Douglas.

It's excellent. Whether you're a 50 fan or not, the principles explored were created to enthuse and prompt grand thoughts to germinate.....in anyone.

So, if you're a fan of "The Secret" or "The Power of Now" this should be right up your street. If not, then check out the 50th Law and reinforce your ambition

Peep this interview of 50 with Evan Davis, host of "The Dragons Den"

Till next time Blockfiends....