Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Warning - Nu Brand Flexxx Is Are Not Sick...They're ILLL!!!

Posted by Nee-Nee

New Nu Brand Flexxx song!
Hard innit?
That's why they're 'ILL' not 'SICK'!

I am quite a fan of Nu Brand Flexxx...I never knew who they was until I experienced their music and perfoming qualities at Bigga Fest 1 (30th August 2008)!

Then I saw them again at Bigga Fest 2 (13th December 2008)! That was when 1 of the members kept on dropping his money on the floor...I gave him back his £3...he said he owes me a t-shirt...he's seen me about 2 times after that...he would smile at me...and keep on walking. (I know their names...but I don't know who they belong to!...They're like the smaller So Solid Crew...there's about 210 members in there.)

Then I saw them at Bigga Bubble Bash (5th September 2009)! They are great performers...and they always bring the other 200 up on stage.

(1st time I saw them I was scared of the one with the afro and big eyes...shhhhh...don't tell him. Anyway I'm not scared of him now...he's cool.)

Catch Nu Brand Flexxx
So today we have learnt that Nu Brand Flexxx is big (Of course we already knew that), Bigga Fish support them hard and 1 of them owes me a t-shirt (I will deffo hunt him down for that)

Props to Sian Anderson