Wow, I'm starting off harsh, but take a look at the brand new offering of So Solid Crew's Mega, Lisa Maffia and Romeo...

OH NO! Yes, Oh no, what is this horrid sound? I'm referring to Lisa who this time round looks a little bit different (can you see it?) - her vocals are so strained that after a couple of PAs (trust, me MANY will be needed to make back the money lost from this video) she'll lose her voice completely. Now onto the video...cheerleading and So Solid?? I appreciate they're trying to run far, far, as far as they can from the bad-boy days but cheerleading?! Mega, I can't take you seriously, and I'm just going to be honest, your lyrics are whack! NO, really, what is this?

After writing my dissertation on Garage and the rise and fall of the So Solid Crew (hold tight Leeds Uni for allowing such a serious contribution to be made to popular music literature) I know my So Solid, and they were HEAVY back in the day, I was even jealous of Lisa Maffia - wanting to roll with the dirty crew...they were dark, hard and most of all real, so what the f*** is this new 'Since You Went Away' rubbish?

I was excited about this 'ahem second or third?' attempt comeback but it's pretty lame. I wanted some thuggery, something I could skank out recklessly to at a rave, a strong bassline with disgusting lyrics dribbled all over..the kind I'd feel cool chatting around my mum as they're so rude but street that she wouldn't have a clue. Ms Dynamite even hinted a possible revisit to the the good old 2 step So Solid Garage days with 'Bad Gyal' but it seems the rest of the crew can't follow, or I think we lost them between 2003 and today. So this is pretty much a let's back to the 21 Seconds video, oh yes, forward it to 3.46mins... that's right and PAUSE!

ROMEO DUN - ooooh baby!

Note to next So Solid crew video Director, allow Romeo's chatting, just make sure minimal/no clothing is worn - you'll get to number 1 in all the charts!


EskyOne Kasperov said...

Stop dissin So Solid Crew! They are the beat in grime music!