Monday, 3 August 2009

"Good Hair"

Posted by Tahirah

The perfect follow up to BlazeOhMyDayz' post Viva La Weave; here is the video trailer for Chris Rock's Good Hair. After his little daughter came home upset and asking "why she doesn't have good hair", Chris Rock decided to explore the relationship between black women and hair. Of course it uses a blend of comedy and social commentary (typical Chris Rock stylie) to tackle the matter.

I can't wait for it. For the record, Black women, we need to fix up - anything that grows from our scalp is "good hair". Word.


London said...

I'm sooo glad you said that you mentioned that! We black women need to fix up! When you can check out my post on this:

Chantz (Panz) said...

Yoou need 2 check the trailer for light skinned vd black women...its emosh...personally i found it halarious but u no my sense of humour dutchie (i'm sure you'll be the same lol)