Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Viva La Weave!


So yet again, that staple of many a womans hair diet has come under fire......The Weave.
Personally I don't have anything against weaves, extensions or Super-micro-weave wigs. As long as the end result looks good and doesn't smell too "technical" I'm cool.

Numerous comedy careers have been built and maintained by this cosmetic necessity. It's almost as if it's a comedic rite of passage. You can't be a comedian unless you've got a few weave jokes in your repertoire.
This lot have taken the bull by the weave and re-worked Boy Better Know's "Too Many Man" and come up with "Too Many Weave".

Check the vid, it's pure jokes.

and for the uninitiated, the original....

Rock on Blockers.