Sunday, 26 July 2009

New Dancehall/Reggae - Bugle & Jah Cure

Posted by Tahirah

New dancehall via Bugle - This video made me smile and giggle all the way through; as my boy Singhstar pointed out they've tried to "Europeanise" with English girls at the beginning of the video - but they look so Yard that if they never spoke I could have guessed they'd never left Jamaica! Everything about the video reminded me I need a well overdue trip back home.

Also recently released, video to Jah Cure's Never Find - quote from Singhstar: "Cure waaan come on a J Holiday tip here wid the hat." LMAO too true - Jah Cure is on a bit of an R&B cassanova vibe in the video.
Video production quality is so on point in the JA music scene. The UK industry needs to take heed - a scene with little funded promotion is internationally known, respected, influential and produces high-quality output in their music and their videos with small budgets and quick turnarounds. Anyway...that's a whole different post...

Big up to Singhstar for putting The Block up on the new videos