Wednesday, 3 June 2009


Posted by Tahirah

First of all, before I get into Canafanadian news (yes...I call Canada was a joke me & my cousin Tam made up), I'll just start by saying - I dropped the news of Omarion being on Young Money first on the blogs! Before all the big ones like Bossip, AllStar Hip Hop, That Grapejuice, Concrete Loop etc etc picked it up, so I'll keep bringing you exclusives when I can - but of course celeb gossip & news isn't what hanging on the Block is all about (I'll leave most stuff to the big boys).

Now. I'm going to talk about his label mate, Drake, who was laying low in London earlier this weekend.

Friday Drake was due to be on DJ Semtex's show, but he couldn't make it because was getting busy in the studio with Rihanna. Have you noticed I've avoided mentioning the Chrihannagate on here? It's actually rediculously boring to me; but them nakey pictures that leaked showed that Ri-Ri has a super-banging body, so if Drake & Rihanna are doing more than making tunes...I ain't mad at you bruv - I'm a girl saying this! As long as it never results in you wearing pink panties on your head it's all good! (plus, it won't hurt his ever-expanding celebrity none at all)

Anyway back to the point - Semtex caught up with him over the weekend in the beautiful Hyde Park in London.

DRAKE INTERVIEW - LIVE FROM HYDE PARK, LONDON [PART 1] from DJ SEMTEX on Vimeo. yeah, something's definitely doing on with him & Ri-Ri.

Anyway - he'll be back in London soon, 6th & 7th July in support with Lil Wayne. I'm quite excited, as musically Drake can do no wrong to me right now! His mixtapes have gotten beat on my mp3 player more than a lot of people's albums.

Melanie Fiona - Give It To Me Right

Another fellow Canadian...and my girl-crush Melanie Fiona is also in London this week doing some promo and performing a few select dates. I'll be catching up with her on Friday for Soul Culture - she'll also be in conversation with my boy E-PLUS for BANG Radio on Friday. I'll try not to hit on her. *coughs*nohomo*coughs*