Sunday, 31 May 2009

Omarion: In Wayne's World

Posted by Tahirah

Omarion passed through the BANG Radio studio on Friday - I was meant to interview him for SoulCulture yesterday but he cancelled all press to go to Mr Jerks to "preserve his voice" before his shows (I missed the show last night in Stratford Rex - I was tooo tired to rave it up, did anyone go? Was it good?)

Anyway - while at BANG he was on air with DJ Bruce Wayne & he told us that he's now signed to Young Money Entertainment, Lil Wayne's imprint.

Comfort (CDQ) - Omarion Feat. Lil Wayne

He joins the rappers' favourite new rapper, Drizzy Drake and the UK's Jay Sean along with a few others. I'm curious though; while the union with Wayne has worked wonders for Drake, will it have a similar effect on Omarion? (I wonder to same about Jay Sean too - is having Cash Money behind him enough to make him even remotely relevant to an American audience?!)

I'm not so sure; right now the US R&B scene is saturated with TALENTED male solo acts - Trey Songz, J Holiday, Chris Brown (err...kinda... Well. I'm sure he'll make some kind of a comeback), Lloyd and newbie Jeremih just to name a few - will Weezy F Endorsement be enough for Omarion to compete against them? I guess he'll have to redefine his niche, which in my opinion, is being a really good entertainer and dancer more than it is vocal ability, and work it from that angle.

We'll just have to watch and see.