Friday, 26 June 2009

Michael Jackson: 1958 - 2009

Posted by Tahirah

Long live the KING (of pop) Michael Joseph Jackson.
May he rest in peace.

Through his music he inspired people the world over. & yes he was strange, and yes he was a phenomenon, but most importantly, he was a legend - the most influential musician across genres in the last two centuries. We'll be talking about him in 10, 20, 50...100 years. There isn't much more to say, honestly. YOU'VE probably said it yourself. So let's blast some MJ and pay homage to the legend that is.

BUT I do want to know, where were you when you found out he'd died on 25th June 2009?

I was on the 63 bus on my way home from my radio show at approximately 11:10pm...a shaggy-haired bloke in a black t-shirt was waving at me, so I popped out my earphone and he's like, [Irish accent]"Michael Jackson's died, you know!"[/Irish accent]
I look at him like --> "Yeah. Okay."
He said "No, seriously! We t'aught it was a joke too, some guy told us at the station so we t'aught he was drunk, then I got calls about it!"
Then someone from the front of the bus turned and said, "Yeah it's true, someone just phoned me."
The lady two seats in front said "Actually, it's unconfirmed by BBC News, apparently he's just had a heart-attack and he's in a coma."
Then the shaggy haired Irish dude - named Frankie suggested a sing-a-long, but only me and him were singing (we decided on Ben). So when it didn't catch on we kinda tapered off...
Anyway...Frankie said "you'll remember this forever, EXACTLY where you were when you heard Michael Jackson died." And it's true, the impact he had on the world - billions of people around the globe are still shell-shocked and will remember this shared experience.
So shout out to Frankie, Nora and the rest of the 63 bus.


Nee-Nee said...

I was in the middle of watchin Big Brother and Dready (So Solid and producer) said on twitter MJ was in hospital then 30 twitters that I follow (out of the 36) started tweetin, I joined and we all spent 3 hours sayin/waiting 2 kno if he was dead until CNN, BBC, SKY all said he waz dead then we knew it...dude was dead! :(
R.I.P to the LEGEND of all time!
BUT, like I said on my twitter:"Anywayz now he's in peace n he ain't really dead ppl! Legends neva really die. he's gone but he ain't really dead"