Friday, 19 June 2009

Duplate Drama 3

Posted by Tahirah

Dubplate Drama is BACK with the 3rd and final series. The first ever series where WE get to pick the ending; Dubplate Drama is based around a group of inner-city young people trying to make it big in music around a world of drugs, guns and drama.

This time centred around The Fam, a West London crew who are living the urban dream – with a number one single and a major label signing. But with their new-found fame and success comes trouble. Best friends and co-founders of The Fam, Devil and Millz find themselves pulling away from each other when Devil falls under the influence of the dangerous Errol [played by Mike GLC] and Millz fights to keep on the straight and narrow. The popular and charismatic Mikey finds his loyalty being tested and Laurissa [Tulisa from N-Dubz] – the first lady of The Fam – battles with a cocaine addiction and an abusive boyfriend...who also happens to be the group's self-indulgent manager, Prangerz.

With a ruthless and violent manager behind them, brutal gangsters all around them, and fame, money and everything they ever dreamed of in front of them, we have a hand in deciding if they can do anything to stop their explosive and fatal fall from grace by voting on which ending we'd like to see.

It'll be hitting our TV screens on Channel 4 on 25th June and MTV Base on 30th June, but yesterday I went down to the premiere with my BANG Radio familia - Lady V, Tamara and our Gabriella at the Dubplate Drama premiere.

Condensed down to only two episodes, the final series definitely showed the progression of Dubplate Drama. Personally I loved the first two series as well, but I can't deny that the way the story-lines were delivered, the acting and the production has improved significantly in the final offering. The jokes were on-point, the drama was hard-hitting and the moral messages and lessons were clear.

I caught up with the gorgeous Tulisa, Roger Griffiths, lead cast members Darragh Mortell [Mikey] and Isaac Ssebandeke [Millz], top cockney geezer Ricci Harnett [Prangerz] and Mike GLC.

Me and the girls also found time for some pose-age with Wretch 32 (who made a cameo appearance), writer/director Luke Hyams and Isaac Ssebandeke.

Make sure you lock in when it hits the TV again because it's DEFINITELY a good look! Series 3 goes out with a BANG.