Saturday, 2 May 2009

Tinchy Stryder - the POP-ular Urbanite

Posted by Tahirah

When NUMBER 1 went straight in at Number 1 in the national charts last Monday I felt proud like Tinchy was an extended part of the family. The Urban scene has seen a plethora of top 10 successes in the charts recently - particularly from artists who started out spitting Grime tunes on Tower-Block FMs around London, but there's something about being Numero Uno that feels extra special.

It felt a teeny-weeny bit like my accomplishment as much as it was his - and if I felt that way just because I bought a copy (which you should too if you haven't yet - let's keep him at #1!) I can only imagine how every other artist at the brink of emerging mainstream must have felt too. Just by looking at some of the Twitter responses I knew everyone was crazy proud! There is currently a synergy in the scene that is quite refreshing and inspiring so I know a lot of artists saw Tinchy's number 1 as one for the "team". & lets not even get started on how all of the journos, bloggers, DJs, pluggers, radio teams, execs, marketing teams, programmers who've been pushing it are feeling!

2009 is going to continue to be a HUGE year for the scene - that's evident. As more of our stars transition from underground stars to fully-fledged pop-stars, I'm hoping we continue with the community spirit currently previlant in the scene and feel the same kind of pride we felt for Tinchy.

On the flipside of this, I'm also hoping that our talented urban stars remember to retain some of the SOUL and realness that earned them their stripes in the game initially as they breakthrough the chart with their radio-friendly, commercially viable hits.