Sunday, 3 May 2009

Que from DAY26 says no more BITCHASSNESS

Posted by Tahirah

On Friday I caught up with the cutie Que from Day26 for SOUL CULTURE (they've just dropped their first newsletter - have you got it? sign up for it now if you haven't by clicking here)

Season 4 of Making The Band 4 hasn't landed on MTV UK yet but with video clips from each episode available all over the net, I've been watching the last few episodes avidly. For quite a lot of the series it seemed like Que was causing a ridiculous amount of contention with his bandmates, starting fights with the other boys and acting like he was ready to leave the group - leaving many people wondering if Day26 - often referred to as 2009's 112 - were going to suffer a similar fate as their female counterparts Danity Kane. The gossip blogs were popping off with speculations that Que was either secretly gay (errrr has no one noticed how him and Dawn are superglued to each other, then?) on drugs or crumbling under the pressure of being broke and having a support a money-hungry mother.

I've yet to transcribe our phone call but when I do the interview will be over at Soul Culture but we spoke about everything, including what exactly caused his bout of 'bitchassness' (you wouldn't expect the answer at all) and the lessons he learned around dealing with situations MTV's 'reality TV' editing, touring (Day26 are about to start touring with The Dream), how he felt about the demise of Danity Kane, the BAD BOY CURSE, being taken seriously in the industry & the latest release, Forever & A Day.

I told him my favourite cut on the album is Perfectly Blind, and he said it was his also, excitedly exclaiming, "that's the shit right?!" Penned by him and Dawn on a late night in the midst of Day26's drama, the song is free of production-heavy pretentiousness and is raw with emotion and is the breakout soul cut from the LP in my opinion.

Listen it now - and watch this interview on Angela Yee's breakfast show where the boys talk about grown man things LOL

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