Thursday, 1 January 2009

Best & Worst of 2008!

Posted by Tahirah

So we've finally arrived in 2009...This time of year there are LOADS AND LOADS AND LOADS of lists about EVERYTHING! The best movies, the worst songs, the best TV moments, the worst dieting fads...blah blah blah.

Normally I find them pretty bland but I was totally inspired by Pete Wentz, of Fall Out Boy, and Ashlee Simpson's other half, who decided to call up a few of his famous, interesting buddies and find out what their top 5s for 08 were & post it on his blog. Here's just a few -

Perez Hilton's Top 5 Artists Of The Year That Need To Be Locked Up:
All the Kardashians
Aubrey O’Day
Jessica Simpson
Miley Cyrus
Paris’ pink Bentley

Travis Mc Coy's (Gym Class Heroes) top 5:
5. Beats by Dr.Dre headphones
3. Without you I’m jus me artshow
2. His girl (Katy Perry) hosting the EMA’s
1. The birth of his god son, Bronx (Pete & Ashlee's baby)

Pharrell William's hot stuff list was:
10.Soldier ft.lil Wayne
9.Tom Ford (aviators)
8.Lavin (everything!)
7.Junye Watanabe
6.Fall Out Boy
5.Clarks (shoes)
3. Cherry Pop Tarts
2.Takeshi Murakami
1.Jeff Koons

MY 2008 lists

My top 5 moments I watched in 08

5. Hip Hop dominating the festivals in the summer...Jay-Z singing Wonderwall in a proverbial EFF YOU to the British critics and Noel Gallagher is still priceless! Click HERE to watch Jay-Z doing his Wonderwall thing.

4. Usian 'Lightening' Bolt - world record breaker, 3 times gold medalist, the pride of Jamaicans around the globe in August & the reason why I got into the Olympics - the Brits represented hard too!Plus I can't forget the spectacular opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Also, the relentless Olympic coverage also exposing some of the darker sides to China (Tibet etc).

3. Life FM relaunching as BANG RADIO & taking me along too!

2. Watching the UK's urban industry fix up and work hard at producing our own superstars this year, and audiences actually supporting the scene!

1. BY MILES - TOP moment of 2008 was seeing Barack Obama become president-elect - nothing was more awing than seeing our American cousins uniting to make something happen. People of the African diaspora stand up just a little bit taller, and people of all nations in the Western world are ready for change

5 sucky things about 08

5. The misuse of the word "swagger" and "retro". Wearing green shoes with blue skinny jeans and a pink t-shirt doesn't automatically mean you have swagga, or you're retro. I should know, I walk around like a rainbow. I think we need to return the word swagger back to the Americans until we all settle on an appropriate definition!

4. Celebrities who blatantly need a break shoving themselves in the limelight - ie., Kanye West & Britney Spears

The most unnecessary performance everrr

3. The so-called summer! We had about 8 & a half days of heat AND sunshine out of 365

This was my back yard on the 1st May!

2. The Mobos & the UMAs, one for being dryer than toast with no butter - I renamed it the No-Shows - and one for poor organisation resulting in violence and regression in the way a lot of people look at Urban events. UK Urban events need to FIX UP, and quickly!

CLICK HERE for my recent blog post about it

1. Youth crime STILL being a growing problem in 2008, despite the media frenzy and community initiative

Watch out for my 09 predictions & top artists of 08/09 coming soon!


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