Tuesday, 16 December 2008

A weekend of kiddie-raving

Posted by Tahirah

So I decided to try and reclaim my youth this weekend by going to a couple of gigs aimed at the younger end of the spectrum. It didn't work; I ended up feeling like an OAP at the grand age of 20. However, I did get to see some wicked shows...

Picked as one of 2009's Ones To Watch by BBC, Master Shortie has been building his eclectic fan base with his fusion of hip-hop, electro, funk and old skool.
MTV, who seem to be his biggest major media supporters, hosted "Master Shortie's House Party", an intimate gig for him in Roundhouse's Freedm Studio on last Friday (12th December).

After making the mistake of entering the venue - which enforces a strict "no re-admission" policy - at around 7:30pm without realising Shortie wasn't due to be on stage until 9:30pm, I meandered aimlessly until around 9:15 when I joined the crowd of teen boppers waiting to see their latest heartthrob.

Master Shortie took the stage with his band and his DJ at around 9:45, and his stage presence was impeccable. His swagga was on point; wearing his trademark skinny jeans with a funky hoodie, a very familiar t-shirt (I'd seen it before HERE), a New Era fitted but no signature ropechain. Ripping through tracks from the forthcoming debut album, A.D.H.D., Shortie gave us an incite into his musical mind.

As his music doesn't fit any one box, he attracted indie kids, hip hop heads and everything in between. Even his opening acts represented his musical diversity - a poet/rapper named P'ilosophy and a rock band (I'm not sure what they were called because I was sitting in the cafe playing Tetris while they were on, but I heard they were great!) - the only common interest in his audience was that 80% of them were under 17. His cameraderie with the crowd was great too, he had the front of the crowd following his every command, from jumping & rocking out to hollering "go Shortie, go Shortie, GO!" - he demanded after every track, "make some noise, people."

Shortie ended the short set with his infectuous and most popular tune, Rope Chain, leaving the crowd amped. I think BBC had it right on the money with their prediction - Master Shortie is definately on his way to stardom.


Saturday evening I'd prepared myself for a night with the youngers, as I took two of my sisters and my cousin - all under 15 - to Bigga Fest 2, the sequel to the very successful Bigga Fest which happened in Astoria 2 back in August.
I have to commend Lesley & the rest of my Bigga Fish family for managing to TOP the vibe with this Bigga Fest. The event was SOLD OUT, totally rammed to capacity. Bashy hosted & performed, with additional performances from Faith SFX, the Bigga Bloco drummers, K.I.G (that disgustingly infectuous "Headz, Shoulderz, Kneez & Toes" song), Lady Lykez (a definate feature star - she commanded the crowd really well), Lil Simms, Ghetto, N-Dubz and surprise appearances from Griminal and Chipmunk. But the highlight of the night was at the end when some of the performers and some of the crowd jumped on stage and danced to bashment tunes. Money couldn't buy those vibes.
My only criticism isn't of the event organisation, but of the crowd...I wish children would behave their damn selves! Everyone knows that NOBODY wants to do under 18 events in this current climate, not promoters, not venues & not the police - so why a few troublemakers (and I do mean a VERY FEW) want to ruin it for everyone I really don't know. It's all good though - Bigga staff and security effectively defused any minor situations.

Anyway, the Bigga Fest 2 was even Bigga than its predecessor. Click HERE to check out when the next one is, or hit them up on Facebook by searching Bigga Fish in groups or friends.

Granny Tahi...x