Monday, 23 June 2008

Akon makes me itch but...

Posted by Tahirah

His artists made me smile last week!

Brick & Lace

I interviewed Brick & Lace for Origins Media, who were in town promoting their album "Love Is Wicked".

Nyanda & Nailah were lovely! We had a good old natter about where our families are from in Jamaica, how they felt working with Beres Hammond, Marcia Griffiths & Lauryn Hill, being in the industry, working with Akon and what the name Brick & Lace is all about.

The interview will be up on the site sooners!


Wellllll I was smiling from when I saw his outfit. OK. I was giggling. The hat is pimpin, alie?

But anyways, after getting to know the girls, I hop & skipped over to the Sony BMG HQ to hear what T-Pain's new album Thr33 Ringz is saying.

I was pleasantly surprised by it, but you can see the review when it goes onto - I'd just say look out 4 the choon Chop N Screw ft Ludacris.

Ohhhh and SUPA DUPA EXCLOOOOOOOOOSIVE NEWS! T-Pain & Lil Wayne are doing a Best of Both Worlds album...rotf that should be verrryyy verrrryyy interesting!

Interesting fact about that pic above...I never knew it was taken. We weren't posing for it, yet it was better than the picture we did take on my camera. Foolishness!

Tahi - T-Pain likes my hurr - rah x