Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Gym Class...No Heroes Included

Posted by Tahirah

So normally, I'm anti-gym classes. There is something about standing in a class full of energised gym bunnies trying to follow the actions of local "Mr/Mrs Motivators" while looking like a total twat and watching myself in the mirror, that just doesn't quite do it for me. I'd take the treadmill any day. However, one of my closest friends swears by them so I thought I'd join her. Today I went to the WACKEST aerobic class at the gym. The irony was, it was followed by a really good class done by the same instructor. As his first class was so good that he'd actually managed to change my perception on gym classes I decided to stay and see what he'd do next.

My mistake. "Samba, spin spin spin, step back, step forward, hop, samba, backwards, left, right then twirl!You get it? You get it now? Come on girls, this is EASY!" That was pretty much the mantra, which would be fine if these classes were happening at Pineapple, but it was happening in a room full of rhythmless people
(myself included, I couldn't pick up choreography if it jumped in my lap - thats why I gave up street dance in my early teens).

The steps were unnecessarily complicated, yet there was no actual work out. The instructor actually forgot the routine himself at some point, which led to four people walking out. Never one to be a willing quitter, I decided to persevere. I gave up on trying to pick up the routine, I just ran around the space twirling and leaping like an idiot for 45 minutes. Shiiit I probably burnt more calories than the people who picked up the choreography.

But it made me think, why couldn't more gym classes be like this? Can we have a revised 2008 version featuring the Gully Creeper, Nuh Linga, Boasy Boasy & whatever else is fresh out there please? & can soca-aerobic classes be a standard feature in all gyms?