Friday, 14 November 2008

The Express Train To Freedom

Posted by Tahirah

Yesterday I had a bizarre dream that I thought I'd share.

In the dream, I was amongst a group of slaves being led to to freedom by Harriet Tubman via the 'underground railroad' route. We trapsed along in the dark from platantation to plantation, walked through some bushes until we could see lights ahead.

The vessel to freedom was a HUGE Virgin Express train!

For some reason, I didn't seem to find this weird, but the 19th century slaves were a bit dubious and awed by the first class train with attendents -many of them white - serving them on board!

Seeing as I hadn't seen so much as a Virgin Cola (remember them?) or heard the name Harry let alone Harriet Tubman in the last couple of days, this dream was totally random so I'm assuming it's got some kind of meaning. I wonder if it has anything to do with how far African Diasporans have come? Or perhaps I'm just a nutcase? Any psychic dream-catcher people wanna holla at me and let me know?