Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Kid Sis

Posted by Tahirah

On the last day of June, I met Melissa Young. She had her toes done up with her fingernails matching.

I've mentioned it in previous posts - but, I love Kid Sister. Her fun loving spirit, to her ostentatious dress sense - that's my girl. While she's not deepest lyricist, her music is refreshingly fun and her personality shines through her Chicago club tracks.

They've only just released Pro Nails over here so while she was over doing promo I caught up with her. I prepared to interview her, put my phone on silent (she's rocking on my ringtone and I didn't feel like the emba-raas-ment) and heard her shrieks of laughter from yards away.

We chatted about everything; from hippy children playing in rubbish at Glastonbury, to getting nails done, and working shitty jobs. Kid Sis was so open that the interview was hard to edit - but here is some of the best bits. It's not up on Origins Media yet (who I wrote it for) so I'm not going to put it all up:

Kid Sis on performing -

Me: You’ve done Glastonbury, and you’re doing the festival circuit worldwide – how does it compare to more intimate crowds you play in the clubs?
They’re the same! You can take me to a room like this (a cosy room with a settee and arm chairs), or the big crazy huge Glastonbury festival and I’ll bring the same energy and emotion – it doesn’t matter! Every audience deserves the same show! Sometimes I get the butterflies though. Like when I played Fabric I was so sick before the show and I fell on stage – girl I was so nervous – but I pulled it off. I brought the same energy to Fabric as I’d bring to a room like this, jumping on the couch with a beer.

On image -

Me: You’re always dressed fresh! How important is image to you?
Well…Kind of important. I’ve been in a lot of different categories. I’ve been overweight, I’ve been underweight, I’m black, I’m white, you know, I’ve been a lot of different situations [where people think] “you should look this way, you should look that way!” People have tried to impose different labels on me. I’m definitely aware of how I look but I’m not too consumed about it. For a while I was worried about what people thought about me, and I still am to a certain degree – but no so much now! I think, as you get a little bit older you’re like “hmm…fuck it!” And you can apply that to so many things, girl! But no, image isn’t too important.

On herself -

Me: If you had to be put in a musical box, how would you describe your music?
Nerd rap! I’m a self-described dork and I embrace it!