Tuesday, 3 June 2008


Posted by Tahirah


After losing two hours of my life to disorganised people and the delightful London Underground service, I met up with the cuzzie with the intention to go to see Sex & The City.

It was sold out. Totally. I'm not surprised, as most females I know - from my mama to my friends are pretty much amped about the film.

I've seen it now. It was 2 hours of product placement, PR, marketing and advertisement....Vitamin Water here, Chanel there, Louis Vuitton here...blah blah blah. Cute film though. Wayy too much hype of course, but I left the movie theatre with a big smile on my face.

Anywhooo...so from that we headed down to Temple Rooms where Kojo was casting for his angels before heading to the WORST rave I've been to for a while! I will mention no names, or no promoters. But it was swag.

The venue was all wrong. It was like a sweat box inside - loads of people & no air con. Weaves were getting sweat out b4 any dancing happened. But there was NO VIBE! Annnnd the music was QUIET! We ended up playing a little game of guessing what part of the song was playing as the music was too low and distorted to make out lyrics and verses. The poor DJs, bless them, kept requesting for the elusive "sound engineers" to fix it up, to no avail. Everyone tried to make the best of it though...


Don't worry - she's not hurt, she liked it down there - she kept throwing herself down on the floor.

The acoustics in the club were so appalling, that we went to the car. Apparently, the music permeading from our car had more bass than that coming from the club, so we brought the partayy to my cousin's car. Kind of.

The car partayy!


My talented buddies on my uni course put on a show at the Roundhouse Studios in Camden. In fact, they'd be doing it all week, but I finally got to go and support on Saturday, and they did a farking good job!

Following this, I wandered down to Camden Lock to meet up with another young creative and old primary school friend, Zeme, and his comrade, Carleone.

After two trips to KFC ("it was the wingggssss man, the winnggssssss!") we met up with these lot to get some soul in our bones at the Free soul sessions in Jazz Cafe

We got to see some real musicians freestyling it...

My good friend Charisma wants me to chop off my locks a la Jason Yarde. I think I need some new good friends.

And a crazy French lady who's name I didn't catch - who wanted to be a robot...and a girl...and she made friends with a banana...BUT her voice was great.

Upon leaving, we met the STAR of the night, a homeless comedian who told us a joke about two Irish lesbians before asking for 50p for a cheese burger.

The rest of the guys followed up Camden activities with a wild night of DnB & reggae raving in another part of town - I went to rave in my bed, in my sleep!


SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! I was a one day recluse & it was great.


Yes...Monday...when you're a creative student on holiday not working, any day you please becomes a weekend.

I went to my first Jump Off! I had a great time! I wasn't particularly impressed with the show itself, but I think I might just be picky. I had more fun with the audience members in attendence:

Some Ugly Basta-ahem-I mean, Kids

Killa Kamilahhhh

My favourite photog, Azza - he was so disgusted by the 2.5 second delay my camera took to flash. Get lost Azza, not every can have a SLR-LMG-KXY-LMNOP camera and phenominal photography skills!

And there was a ROPE CHAIN overload at Jump Off that night. I counted 20! Rope chains and Reeboks were EVERYWHERE! (Refer back to my Retro post) I pre-empted this; which I why I made a point NOT to wear mine.

But, I have to send kudos out the PHRESHEST rope chains from last night:

Super Mario pendants made out of...well...it looked like Lego...hanging off the end of the ropechains...LOVES IT!

Followed very closely by Xi'an's chain; her Queen Nef chain made me drool! I didn't manage to get a picture of it coz I didn't spot Xi'an again in the night so I could corner and papp her, but here is my good friend Policy sporting her chain.

It was a pretty fab weekend. What did you do?