Friday, 13 June 2008

My first print press piece

Posted by Tahirah

I was in the Willesden & Brent Times last week. I suppose I should have posted this LAST WEEK but oh well.

I won't type out the whole story, but the piece was generally about the Mayor of Brent (a chap named Councellor Ralph Fox, if you didn't know) targeting two charities based in Brent; Age Concern and Bang Edutainment - the parent company of community station Life FM - to which I'm a contributor, and where I got my first "break" on radio. (I'm one of those lucky buggers who started out on legal radio from the jump).

Then it discusses my involvment with Life FM, the fact that I hadn't thought of radio as a viable career path before actually being placed in the situation - thus, radio chose me rather than me choosing radio - and the work placement I'll be doing with BBC 1xtra. Bigga Fish gets a mention too. My ramblings definately weren't as articulate and concise as that, but that was the vibe of the piece.

I'm pretty chuffed at getting in the paper, but I just don't appreciate the fact that my head looks like a giant potato. Liberty.