Monday, 18 January 2010

Where would Aaliyah have been today?

Posted by Tahirah

This Saturday just past, 16th January would have been R&B star Aaliyah's 31st birthday had she still been with us. On my radio show I posed the questions:

Where would Aaliyah have been today?
Would she have still been relevant in the industry, or would she have fallen off like so many of the other great R&B talent from the nineties and noughties? 

Would she have reached her peak that everyone anticipated, or would she have had to make way for the generation of girls who - deliberately or inadvertently - made their names borrowing some of her signature styles? (Think Cassie, Ciara, even Ashanti, Rihanna and Tearria Mari to name a few) Or would she have been rivalling Beyonce at the top?

I threw it out to twitter and the response was almost unanimous:

Honestly, I'm not sure what Aaliyah's position right now would have been. I do know that back in 2001, when she'd just released her latest album, "Aaliyah", Ms Haughton was one of R&B's brightest stars and was possibly about to break into the mainstream. And thankfully, this is how she's been immortalized. For the short time her star did shine brightly, she definitely provided us with some big tunes.