Thursday, 3 December 2009


Posted by Nee-Nee

HIYA! I'm back (I never left really) and I'm here to share my love about Scorcher!

<--- Yeah that's him

I also want to spread some new music he's involved in!
Calvin Harris ft. Scorcher - Flashback

What do you think of his verses?

Ok....Baby Blue and Scorcher ft. Rihanna - Wait Your Turn (freestyle)

How about his verse on here?

My thoughts - His lyrical content = More than on point. His flow = More than on point. That's how you know he's in The Movement. AND that's something The Movement and Boy Better Know have in common...talented members with great flow and lyrical content (But this post is about Scorch, not anybody else)! Anyway his verse's on those songs are immaculate!

I bought Scorcher's album the other day! I was a bit disappointed...his album booklet was only 2 pages long! Other than that Concrete Jungle was PERFECT. Wretchrospective was my FAVOURITE UK Concrete Jungle is 1/2 of my FAVOURITE UK albums.

Anywho what I'm trying to get at is; One of his songs got nearly made me cry and it's my favourite song off Concrete Jungle. It's called Tubulence

The song's amazing!

I think I might be annoying Scorcher on Twitter...I keep @replying him...oh well....actually I like Scorcher...I don't want annoy him.

Nee - Nee


Check out Scorcher's video to Dark Knight...epic!