Wednesday, 9 December 2009

New Music

Posted by just Bougie!

Here are some new videos that came out in the last two weeks, I myself have been steadly awaiting the release of Kid Cudi new video Pursuit of Happiness. I am very satisfied. Genuis. Another video I have been awaiting was Timberland ft Drake "Say Something", which I loved, but I seem to find it pretty familiar...oh yeah! Pursuit of Happyness... 1) Drake, 2) Drake in the suit 3) the restaurant/bar scence 4) the alcohol 5) the toasting through out the video. *sigh* Here we goooo!

Kid Cudi - Pursuit of Happiness...Cameo: Drake

Timberland ft Drake - Say Something..

But as a future director/producer in the industry my fav videos to look for are 50 cents'..his newer videos are always like little movies. He subsitutes the usual booty shaking/naked girls on cars/'making it rain' with actual actors... here it is!

50 Cent - Do you think about me... cameos Vivica A Fox, Tahiry and Tamala Jones

and why not some Mary J to keep us going through the week, this is her song I am

and here is some good 'ol Mariah Carey..this one is called H.A.T.E.U

and lets finish off with what seems to be the team on the come up...Young Mulllah Baaaby! with Bedrock ft Lloyd...

...not sure if anyone else noticed but something simular in alll of the videos is the Beats Headphones from Dr Dre, nothing like a little product placement...

Signing out. Bougie!