Saturday, 28 November 2009

Try Something New!

Posted by just Bougie!

Im all ways down to try something new! Ive been to a lot of different events, from the passa passa type jams to the networking socialite type of events, but never in my 20 yrs have I been to an art exhibit...or in that case been interested.

But then I was invited to Le Groupe Doué, by a good friend of mine BySeanBrown.

So yesterday I walked into the loft where the Le Groupe Doué was being held, and I had the greatest feeling... I was in a room full of support and positive energy...Black youth, showing that they were something. Le Groupe Doué consists of a group of young artists Brittney M, Zoran White, Sean Brown and Courtney Eastman... (pictured below)

Here are some pics of the art exhibit (excuse the quality these are BB pics)...

(this exhibit is called Behind the Curtain... pictures of the play Secrets of a Black Boy)

(the ladies legs are a representation of Barbie. This piece was called Ken pt1)

These types of events are also good for networking with new people...I got to meet Darren Anthony and Samson Brown. Darren is the a young playwright and actor (he wrote and starred in the play Secrets of A Black Boy) and Samson Brown played Buscuit in the play. We talked and talked for hours, and its safe to say we are its history in the making.

(Samson Brown looking at Ken pt2, Like a Boy and Saltwalter Sketches)

Mr Darren Anthony

"I don't wear colour, I hold colour "~ Samson Brown

The most interesting exhibit at Le Groupe Doué was by Zoran. This piece made everyone stop and look and really try and understand it, Zoran had just been through a tough breakup and this was his interpretation...It was accompanied by the quote "I coughed up what you left me . . . brightness decays brilliantly"

FYI: They are pictures of a black subtance in a toilet

This was a fun and fulfilling night, so I encourage everyone to go out and do something you dont usually do, it might turn out to be more fun than the usual...

walk home...

Love and Blessing fellow Blocksterssss. Bougie Oougie Signing out.