Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Nandos fiends...

Posted by Tahirah

DID YOU GUYS KNOW ABOUT THIS? If you did...why didn't you tell me? If you didn't - now you Nandos addicts can taste the Peri-Peri flavours pon the roadside anytime. I'm not one for giving corporate institutions free promotion, but the love of Nandos is shared so far and wide between our society's chicken eaters that I just had to!

They actually taste pretty good, too! Not amazing; they can't top a packet of Doritos Heatwaves or a packet of Kettle Crisps, but they're delicious in their own right, giving you a hint of peri flavour if you don't want a whole meal or if you can't afford the rising Nandos prices (remember when a 1/4 chicken with 2 sides was under a fiver? Yeah...inflation is a biatch). It also comes in peri-peri chicken, but I went for BBQ as obviously, BBQ flavoured peri-peri is a flavour that isn't even offered in the restaurants!

Anyway...go forth and seek out then pig out on Nandos flavoured crisps (potato chips).