Saturday, 21 November 2009

I Heartage J Lo - 'Fresh Out The Oven'

Posted by Lady V

I heart J-Lo! This week on the block, I have come clean about a lot of my loves (BSB, Dappy, SATC >>>> jump in the lift and go down the block) and here's another - Jenny from tha Block (get it?).

I heard her track Louboutin this morning and was so ashamedly disapproving of it that I couldn't even blog about it and admit that actually it was shit. So hurray, this has come along, the first single of her forthcoming 'Love?' album released in January 2010, 'Fresh Out The Oven'

H-E-L-L-O! The first 24 seconds confirms J-Lo is BACK and after three years since her last release, and even after having twins, she is looking as hot as ever!

But then, my worst nightmare: Pitbull sneaks his way into it! But why??? I get the Latino connection but purlease do I need to be forced to see more of the Latino version of Ja Rule (think about it, they both growl when 'rapping' and have weird hand movement dances) this week? Seeing him live at the Indig02 on Monday was enough, so the fact that he kind of has a verse in this too is rather unfortunate.

But back to Jennifer, I've got nothing but praise - loving the sultry look; red-lips and messy hair, the 'just got caught in the act look'. Ah man, I wanna look like J-Lo when I'm 40! Actually, having even a slight resemblance to her now wouldn't hurt at all.

AND, and this is probably the main reason whilst I'll be blaring this from my bedroom window - she's not messing about but telling the man exactly how to do it, 'now here's what I want, understand me when I say; make-it-last' . Alleluia!

Thank you J-Lo for this tune, thank you for your fine-ass look, both truly inspirational!

(was that a bit too much love on my part? What???)