Tuesday, 17 November 2009

THE event of Monday November 16th

Posted by Lady V

Yes yes, what's this I hear about sexy ladies Rihanna and Beyonce doing shows in London tonight...oh and that Kanye and Jay-Z also passed through?! Um, sorry but did you all forget who was playing at the Indig02??? I think so, because it was only me and another 200 or so people that showed up for PITBULL!

Wow, I didn't even know who he was really apart from "you know I want-ya, you know you want meeee" and assumed he was a Europop star, with such simple lyrics and a backing track so ridiculously cheesy - maybe German or Italian? To be honest, I didn't even know that he was worth flying over to do a gig in London, but I was wrong. He has fans.
I'm not gonna lie or drag on this review but let's just say that arriving home before I'm sure he's even off the stage says something!
But as a blogger, I have a duty, so I'm stayin up to make sure I get this Pitbull review done before anyone else, just as I'm sure my competition are too - except they're probably writing 'Rihanna' where I write 'Pitbull'.

So let's fast forward past the self-loving, self-promoting, annoying Master Shortie - he came and went as a support act withougt me really noticing. Moving straight onto Mr.Bull, well the first thing that got me was how focused he was - focused on rapping about one thing; sex. His lyrical content is special, as obviously a lot of thought has been put into creating metaphors for sex, butts and mamacitas. My favourite and probably most educating moment of the night was when he dropped Juice Box "Make that juicebox juicy" - top marks Pitbull on imagination. 'Blanco' was also interesting (yes I know the name of his songs - research was involed for this one, did you know he's already released 4 albums?? News to me) and got the hot chicas hearts racing even more. The fact that he made dirty tongue actions in between verses was a bit uncomfortable but the way this tune also got the thugs in the audience rapping along with faces like they had trapped wind whilst occasionally also trying their lyrics on me 'present me with your panties' (translated) was really too much.

Let me help paint a picture of the crowd at this event - muscle men with shaved heads, gold jewellry, tight jeans and tee's covered in so many diamantes, I could hardly make out the word Ed Hardy scribbled on their backs and chicas galore with tops so low, I started to get jealous that they could have such excellent cleavage and be that skinny. The only thing that made me feel ok about of all of this was that for once I fitted in ay-ok with my mediterranean/yellow skin and brown curly hair - few blonde straight-haired white girls to be seen, it was all about the latino look!
Back to Pitbull - isn't it easy to get side-tracked when you're not really taking about anything special? Another highlight was his keyboard player's white FLARE trousers, yes I spent a good 5 minutes staring at them and wondering what went through his mind this grey London morning when putting them on. Although props to flare-boy and the rest of the crew on stage - live instruments were being played, way better than a DJ playing backing tracks which kind of bores me. I'm also going to openly admit that their Reggaeton jammin did make my waist wiggle and for a moment (literally 3 seconds) my arse got involved too - so props to them for making me move! But all in all, the fact that I left after 45 mins and made more of an effort debating whether to hit up Nandos or try and sneak into Beyonce next door at the O2 arena, than using any energy to try and stay until 'I know you want me' or at least look like I was having fun with Pit, speaks volumes.
Um, yeah, i think that's all there is to say.