Friday, 13 November 2009

Lady V's World: Time for Sex and the City

Posted by Lady V

It's pouring down in London town, the sky is a horrible never-ending blanket of grey, I was a loser and missed an important appointment this morning as I didn't want to leave my snuggly bed and I've got a weekend of boring shop assistant work ahead of me...cue an SATC session. I think I'm speaking on behalf of most ladies, when things get grim, whether your boyfriend just dumped you, the office is longing you out or it's that P-to-tha-izz-a (Sing along to Jay-Z's H-to-tha-Izzo) time of the month, a dose of Sex and The City, cuppa tea and big bar of choc fixes everything! To be honest, that's exactly what I feel like doing this afternoon, and I might just have a 'and what?!' day and allow everyone and everything to have some time with Carrie and the girls, get distracted in their men dramas, ogle over Carrie's beautiful outfits and have a girl power moment where for a second I can convince myself that I too can be outrageous as Samantha and I might just chat up the dude at Starbucks down my road by asking him something dirty. Yes, for me Sex and the City provides a perfect getaway moment, at those times when jumping on a private jet to the Carribean is just not possible (basically, ALL the time).

Unfortunately, I can't share all 6 seasons with you, (if I could I would though - girls need to get on this if you're not already and boys could learn A LOT by watching) but I thought I'd share the final clip of the very last SATC episode, mainly because it's a scene that every fan will remember, it will bring back memories and Candi Stanton's 'You Got The Love' is a tune!

But whilst mentioning this song, I also want to drop this recent remix by the XX and Florence and The Machine, which I haven't stopped playing all week, it's absoluetly gorgeous. Although lacking the 'go get em' attitude of Candi, the harp is soothingly beautiful and the XX vocals are strangely addictive, so chilled and mellow...quite emotional really, and I love it! Perfect for summing up a rainy day, like today.

If you haven't checked out the XX and into more alternative and experimental sounds, then what are you waiting for -