Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Mario's All Up In Your Mouth

Posted by Tahirah

R&B sweetie Mario released his 4th album D.N.A stateside today.

Obviously he's on the promo trail now, and one of my favourite bloggers Necole Bitchie interviewed him and he got real personal.

"I’m all in your mouth. And if we are not facing each other, I’m kissing you on your back, kissing you on your neck, I’m all of that. I’m not even having sex with you if I can’t kiss you. You are wasting my time. If I can’t kiss you, why are we having sex?"

LOL! Easyyy Mario! Read the rest HERE

I like Mario - he's one of the R&B boys who I don't really feel is on the radar as much as he could be - his documentation of his mother's drug addiction got more attention than his last album GO. Hopefully he can have another hit of Let Me Love You proportions pretty soon. The stuff I've heard from the album seems pretty promising...

(Sidebar - this tune below would be SO much better without Gucci Mane in my opinion. In fact, EVERY tune would be so much better with Gucci Mane, why the hell does he keep getting features? KMT)

Mario "Break Up" ft. Gucci Mane & Sean Garrett - Break Up

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