Saturday, 10 October 2009

Glasgow 09 (through the BB Lense)

Posted by Tahirah

From my earlier post you'll know I went to the MOBO Awards in Glasgow, Scotland. While that was the main point of the trip, it ended up being just a small component of Lady V, Dev and my adventure. READ THE MADNESS

To Glasgow or not to Glasgow?

Tuesday 29th September was when I made the decision on whether I was actually going or not. Lady V and Dev pulled out, I was dithering over whether I'd go and don a kilt and seek out vegetarian haggis alone with my plans up in the air and a budget of a student sans student loan. Yes, we had flights booked - but that was the only certainty about our trip at that point.

I gave myself until 5 to decide if I was definitely going. I pondered in the Mexican burrito restaurant in Angel while consulting with some exceedingly intelligent "gyal dems" and "man dems" and weighing up the pros and cons.

At 5:17pm, after getting Lady V & Dev back on board...I decided I was definitely going.

The Journey

50 minutes enjoying Ryan Air's a-class on-flight entertainment...

The first thing I see upon leaving the terminal at Prestwick (not quite Glasgow) Airport:
Seems like wherever I go I bring a bit of Peckham, South London with me (we'll discuss whether that's worrying or not in another post).

We got familiar with Sunny Glasgow and Lady V bought Dev a present, which he rejected. This caused much contention during our adventure.

We headed to our hotel.


For some CRAZY reason, certain people didn't seem to realise WHO we are (we awaited the paparazzi when we stepped off the runway and didn't get it, we expected the chauffeured car and that didn't show up, and we excepted the V-V-VIP tickets for the MOBOs...I'm sure they got lost in the post or something...)

So while I had my press pass and ticket sorted, and we were led to believe we had a second ticket secured, we were trying to get the third one on lock so we could roll like the super-flyy musketeers we were.

I got ready to go and do press THEN I found out...

I was so excited about talking to erm...Peter Andre... on the red carpet! So I sulked for a long time.

Lady V was like "CHEER UP GIRL! Let's get glammed up and be the sexiest things at the MOBs then it won't matter!" (MOBs wasn't a mistake. Lady V affectionately renamed the award ceremony MOBs. She thought the O added 1 syllable too much.) So we did.
THEN Dev came up to our room. And he was ill. Not like "I'm illllllllll....not sick!" Lil Wayne style - like, shivering while he's actually burning up with a temperature ill.

By mutual agreement we decided Dev needed bed rest and we still needed to MOBO.

We get to the SECC and enter the MOBO hype. I find out that my ticket was no longer waiting for me in the box office, the box office staff didn't give a donkey's, and that second ticket we had tentatively secured was a further fetched myth than Dr Dre's Detox album.

So we re-strategise. Lady V decides that she has a ticket reserved for herself. She convinces herself so well that she puts on an Oscar winning performance and launches an amazing pitch at the box office. I try to find the people who have my ticket.

By the time I get my ticket, the show is about to start. Lady V decides - much to my distress - to bow out gracefully and go and look after Dev. She glances around at all the 'plastic people' piling into the arena and decides she doesn't miss much.

After the Show

While Dev and Lady V had a lovely munch, I endured a night of waste activities in probably the worst afterparty of all the afterparties. I kind-of lost my camera (which was returned safely). I stormed back to my hotel at 5am ("I thought you were ginna kill meh if I didn't stop, lass!" my cabbie said).

Pinch Punch First Of The Month

October started in Glasgow. To forget the nonsense of the night before, Lady V proposed a day of sightseeing. She had a map and everything. Dev wasn't impressed by this.

We went to some random art gallery on Glasgow's University campus.

We went to Kelvingrove Museum and grew some noses.

And the best bit! We went to the park! We kicked the two year olds off of the park attractions...
I photographed Lady V and Dev's (AKA Cruella Deville's) promotional cover on my BlackBerry camera.

We went to the botanical gardens, where Lady V smeared Killer Plant juice on Dev's face. He's currently being treated with antibiotic cream for a second head that spouted out of his jaw.
Then we headed back to (not quite) Glasgow Airport and went back to the Big Smoke.
The next adventures of Tahirah, Lady V and Devill will be brought to you from a location a little less British.