Sunday, 25 October 2009

American TV vs. English TV

Posted by Nee-Nee

So I have been stuck at home for a while ( click here if you want to know the long story)
and I am watching quite a bit of TV (and listening to loads of radio...but I always listen to loads of radio so thats nothing)! Lately I have been comparing American TV and English TV!

Which one is better?

US has millions of adverts.

UK cancelled Trouble TV (I loved sitting down watching old episodes of Fresh Prince, My Wife And Kiddies, One On One, All Of Us and The Cosby Show)

US cancelled one of my favourite shows 'Reaper'

US also cancelled Cousin Skeeter and All Of Us WTF?

UK can't have The Boondocks and The Game

US cancelled The Game

MTV Base (UK) used to have too many adverts (It was like song then 10minute advert. 2 songs then 8minute advert) now MTV Base has cut down their adverts...but their is still loads of adverts.

US satellite/cable service blatantly has more channels than UK's Sky - PAR

Basically English TV wins...BUT both are swag and I think radio is the best!
Good conclusion? Yep I think so!


Matilda Egere-Cooper said...

LOL!'s strange because whenever I go back to the US, all I do is watch TV because I feel it's better - but really, I think it's because they've got shows that never get exported to the UK.

I think UK might have better quality - and you're right about there being less ads here, which makes a difference.

Tahirah said...

I tend to think US telly is trashier than ours. However, I think because we don't get certain stuff, I'm still like to indulge on it!

TV kinda reminds me of takeaway/junk food; something that should be consumed in small doses. UK TV is like getting a big mac at McDonalds but getting small sides and diet coke, whereas US is like super-sizing your meal twice and getting an apple pie on the side.