Saturday, 26 September 2009

Another reason why the Block loves Keri!

Posted by Lady V

If you come and play here often, you'll know we have a little thing for Ms.Thang du jour...Miss Keri Baby! I still can't tire from supporting this lady; proud of what she represents and admire her talent.
Ok, I'll be honest, the first reason for loving her is that she is one superfly gal which is exactly why the girls wanna be her and the boys wanna be with her, but then I saw her live and wow - she can sing, she can dance and writes darn catchy tunes! And then, well take a look at this...

Keri Hilson performing 'Supernova' at the Radio 1 Live Lounge, London, 25th September

Big up Keri Hilson, vocals are spot on, she actually makes me like this song which I don't mind admitting a la Mr.Hudson it's so Superbor-ing! Also, wearing the tracksuit bottoms with a sparkly top - THAT's what I like to see, a girl looking real and chilled not bling-a-linged up 24/ it baby!