Monday, 31 August 2009

Notting Hill Carnival 2009

Posted by Tahirah

Notting Hill Carnival 2009: Hype...jerk chicken...gyal dem...hype...police...hype...bottle fights...hype...bleeding...hype...alcohol...hype...crazy drunk people...hype...big tunes...hype...nuff big artists...too much damn hype.

Through the hype and chicken, I managed to form my own experience at carnival - BANG Radio were broadcasting live from The Tabernacle so Bashy and Ms Dynamite passed through...

Bish Bash Bosh thinks me needs a t-shirt in my life *cheap hint, cheap hint*.

Highlight of our interview - Ms Dynamite: "I'm going to be on stage doing monologues about...vagina."

Me: "On that note! Bashy, I'm not going to ask if you like vagina."

Bashy: "Vagina's a beautiful thing!"


Ms Dynamite (who I'd marry if I was a dude - not just because she's hot and talented, but because she shared her roti with me when I was dying of hunger) has a new big tune called Get Low coming very soon and she'll be appearing in The Vagina Monolgues in Southampton during September. Keep up with her by clicking HERE.

Bashy is playing a leading role in Markus The Sadist which is showing in theatres nationally from October 09, acting in two feature films (Shank and 4321 both due for release Summer 2010) AND he's nominated for two MOBOs so you should vote for him HERE

Then Ryan Leslie (R. Les for Prez) came through...

The GGI team managed to catch Ryan Leslie before they left and found time for some posage... and DJ Sly did a quick interview with the super-producer/artist (which I highjacked).

I found some time to enjoy Rampage's Sound, caught Eric Roberson and got to skank with my family before getting back to work.

Today was even MORE hype. I was back down at Carnival today to check in at BANG Radio and feature on a BBC London carnival broadcast with Eddie Nestor and Jazzie B. Of course I had to stop by Rampage. I love Rampage, and all the work the guys put in to make it so huge...but these 15 year olds need to stop f*cking up the vibe by starting fights and causing trouble. Seeing people getting bottled today ruined my experience on Coville Square. The Rampage Crew have put in all that work for longer than some of them even existed (blatantly the pre-teens making trouble) so to see some little dirkheads try and mess it up is really vexing.

L-Boogie and I left pretty quickly, and I managed to find L-Boog a friend...

So I whined my way over to BBC London's broadcast and my mate Eddie Nestor and Jazzie B were on the hard liquor. I'll summerise the interview. We were talking about heels in carnival, bum-bags, bringing packed lunch to carnival and me being "legal" drink.

That's enough from me, I'm off to party. Hopefully the afterparty will bring less hype and more big tunes/big artists/hott man dem.