Sunday, 9 August 2009

Drifting the day away


JDM Allstars - Wembley 2009 - The Drift Festival from JDM Allstars on Vimeo.

A few weeks ago I got myself down to the JDM Drift Championships which were held in amassive car park purpose built drift circuit outside Wembley stadium.

Now, I would've liked to explain to you all the various engineering and driving techniques employed to get a car up to drift spec, but that's what wikipedia's for - Drifting
Put it this way, it’s not as simple as flooring it and “doing skids”. Drifting is a terrifically dangerous vein of racing, and at times, drivers are travelling within inches of one another whilst being blinded by tyre smoke and trying to keep their car sideways.
Speeds can exceed 70mph, and that’s just in the corners. On a short course like the one in Wembley, the head to head heats were 30 seconds of mechanised mayhem.
The noise was incredible, and unlike last year when I heard it all from my house (very lame – wouldn’t recommend it), this time I was on the frontline choking on freshly cooked rubber fumes.

For you anoraks out there, Dan Chapman took the win and for the rest of us, here’re some pics and vids of some truly sublime motors.



Sniff Sniff.... Smells like.... like money.

Phone? What for! E.T drove home in this.


Best looking drift car - Christy Carpenters all white 200 SX with gold shoes.

Click on the pics for some scandalous full screen action

What have you done to my car!?! Je suis tres P*SSED!

Skyline - Baby seat in the back. Fun for all the family

Skyline - I waited.......but it didn't transform

Turbo - It was th - is big!

Clio - I have no words for this...
Evo - Porsche killer

??? - Nice paintwork

Rx7 - Rotary rebel

206cc -£40,000 to get it looking like this!


Anonymous said...

Who was excited?? I think you. Looks FB (that's f**king fabolous)