Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Tube Tribulations

Posted by Tahirah

48-hours of striking across the WHOLE of London's Underground is about to descend chaos over the city. While I'm pretty disgusted, and continually kicking myself for not learning how to drive and passing some sort of test by now, I'm not surprised.

Privatisation of our transit service was bound to result in disaster; the demise of Metronet - the dudes who were supposed to be upgrading the service last year, everything has been a little precarious.

Anyway, while you Londoners either ditch work or desperately journey plan and I try and figure a way from South London to North West London in the sociable part of the AM without subway (5011 hours on 2+ packed up steamy buses, anyone? Alternatively, shall I poke tooth-picks through my eyelids to equate to a similar torture?) YOU can listen to my piece about the lovely patrons of the rush-hour tube. From chavs to toffs and business suits, we get it all on the tube in the morning. And for once, we might actually be missing it.

Tube Tribulations - Tahirah Edwards Byfield