Saturday, 28 February 2009

My Online 5-A-Day

Posted by Tahirah

In this "economic downturn", where jobs are disappearing faster than teenage baby daddies in Brixton yet travel/living/BREATHING costs are soaring, I've spent much of the last two months ignoring the credit crunch by hybernating.

So when my lappy finally got replaced, I got super attached to the t'internet & I got attached to an abundance of websites & blogs (errr mine not included - we won't mention the lack of TLC My Block recieved for a minute coz I'm back now )

So now after checking my emails, news feed & Facebook, I quench my thirst for my Online 5-A-Day , which right no particular order are:

Twitter -click here & follow me! Facebook is SO 2008...if you ain't Twitting what are you doing with your life?! You can also check my Twitter updates right here under "Twitting About Town"
I've had one for a while & its defo not new yet RIGHT NOW the media's causing hysterics about it coz it's the "in" thing to do for everyone from Ashton Kutcher to Barack Obama (who used it heavily during his campaign). But 4get about that - for me it's sorta kinda addictive telling people about my day in 140 characters! & the jokes I'm getting reading 2 of my favourite girls in the biz right now, Estelle & Solange twittering their randomness while they're on tour together and because of MistaJam I knew exactly what went down during the Brits - down to what they ate for dinner!

My daily dose of gossip! Necole Bitchie / Concreteloop / That Grape Juice

I replaced Bossip with Necole Bitchie because rude girl keeps it real WITHOUT being mean & disrespectful even with bitch in her name! Concrete Loop are on top of their game always - the only blog really trying to UPLIFT Black Urbanites, showcase new talent AND give politics/Black history bites & That Grape Juice for giving an English twist to the Urban Gossip - shout out to Sam who's doing he's thing there.

Some of UK's finest waxing lyrical about stuff & keeping us up to date on what's happening on their sides of the scene - say no more!

imeem - my ultimate music fix; social networking & tuneage...they seem to have EVERYTHING on there. In the mood for Skepta? Feel like some Brook Benton? All you have to do is search it, and create your own playlist that you can embed to other places too. Also, celebrities and well known companies compile their own playlists so you have an incite into their musical minds. Basically, it's music sharing without the illegal downloading - perfect for me coz I don't keep my music on my laptop after losing half of it when my laptop died at the end of 08!

And a couple more I'm hitting up at least every OTHER day are: Soul Culture - I'm so glad this site is back up, repping music with SOUL & the scene properly, BANG Radio - THE best community station ever (& not just coz I'm on there every Thursday at 9pm) & Origins Media.