Thursday, 20 November 2008

Claim your women!

Posted by Tahirah

This one is a bit late, but I had to get on my soapbox about this!

Recently, two Hip-Hop stars have been denying (or not fully claiming) their other halves. Yes, admittedly, one of them is a bit of a hoodrat and the other one has been known for wearing a bird's nest for weave, but HEY, they chose these women so they should be able to admit it in public!

Common was interviewed by gossip blog Bossip earlier this week, and here's what he had to say about his relationship:
Bossip: So, tell us about your current relationship.
Common: Oh, you mean me and hip hop? (he laughs)

Bossip: Not quite. I’m talking about you and Serena Williams.

Common: Man, honestly, my biggest relationship is with hip hop. I love music. Serena Williams is definitely someone that I love as a friend. And, I respect Venus Williams and I’m friends with their family. You know, they good people. I respect the love. I think Alicia Keys is great, Erykah Badu is incredible. The point I’m making is that my relationship is really with hip hop. That’s my focus right now.

Check out the rest of the interview

WTF?! Come on Common! I'm dissappointed in that response! We've seen you guys water-skiing together! You're huggled up to her while her hair looks like THAT *picture above*. If that isn't love, I don't know what is.

That's bad, but not as bad as the next denial!

In a recent interview on E!'s Chelsea Lately show, T.I. referred to his very possessive ride-or-die wife Tiny as a SITUATION! WHAAAATTT? T.I., if you lick your missus' forehead, that is true love. Stop denying it.
Watch below to see T.I. talking about his "considerable situation" and to see how Chelsea pretty much OWNED T.I. - this was the most I've seen someone get from T.I. in an interview.

So what is it all about? Are these rappers too spoilt? If their beaus resembled some of the leading ladies in their videos, would they be quicker to claim them? In Common's case, his current boo is a sporting superstar so there's no power struggle and guys do find her (weave and all) attractive BUT as he is considered as a bit of a sex symbol, perhaps he's trying to keep himself available for the plethora of female interest. But for T.I., he should be weary of referring to mother-of-children/wife Tiny (formerly of Xscape) as a "situation", because that makes her sound like a problem rather than a partner! And she looks like the kind of lady who might keep a blade under her tongue.